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posted Jul 26, 2012, 9:13 AM by Germaine Galjour   [ updated ]

             Welcome to the house of the Lord! All too often we are confronted by those who claim “there are many ways to God.” The argument is that a loving God would not impose exclusive claims on humanity, so all religions contain a grain of truth and are valid. Yet, why would a loving God confuse us with many paths to salvation? Jesus Christ came to us to remove any confusion; he came to remove any doubt about God’s love. And the love of Jesus Christ overcomes all doubts and any confusion because he never asks us to explain our faith, but only live it. When we love instead of argue we erase any confusion the world may have concerning God’s gracious gift to us. We are glad you are here today and invite you to join this household of faith. Please see the minister or one of the elders if you have any questions about our congregation. 

  If you are visiting with us today, please fill out a visitor card and place it in the offering plate.

            Something New! We are experimenting with a change in the bulletin format. In the past we have used the “bookfold” format which places the order of worship on a different page. For the next few weeks we will use the columnar format which will place the order of worship on the same page and the announcements will be more like an insert. Decide which format you like better and let Sandi, Angie, or Bill know.           

            The senior youth will meet this afternoon at 4.           

            The session will meet after worship in the library.

            We will collect our 2-Cents-A-Meal Offering next week.

            Don’t forget Shepherd’s Staff Sunday on May 13.

            Five students at Harris Middle School are in desperate need of financial assistance for their end of year trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks. Harris has always been very committed to giving every student the opportunity to go on this trip. The church has already donated $100, but if you would like to give more please contact Susie McKinney at Harris Middle School: (828) 766-3595. 

            We have been invited to participate in the world-wide service of Nones on April 29th at 3pm. This prayer event is sponsored by the friends of Merton Priory, which was founded in 1114 and was an important center of Christian evangelism. Although Henry III held parliament in Merton Priory in1236, and Henry VI was crowned there in 1437, Henry VIII demolished it in 1538. The Friends of Merton Priory began the annual observance of Nones in 1998 as a way to build support for domestic evangelism and support apologetics around the world. The service will be held in the sanctuary and will take about 20-30 minutes. It is the same service that over 200 churches around the world will be using. Take a moment and join with our brothers and sisters around the world to pray for the church universal.

            Make sure you have a 2-Cents-A-Meal jar! Every time you sit down to eat, drop two cents into the jar and make a difference. Our youth are sponsoring this program to show how the Lord can turn just a little into big blessings.

            Remember The River ministry in Johnson City by dropping your travel-sized shampoo and soap in the collection basket outside the office.


Sandi Carter is the head usher for April

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 You can recycle the bulletins by placing them

in the “Recycle Basket” in the narthex as you leave worship.


            There is no attendant present to care for children during worship and other events. The nursery will be available for use by parents should a child become restless during worship. We have “busy bags” hanging in the narthex for children to take into the sanctuary. We encourage families with young children to begin using these bags.

            We ask that a parent accompany his/her child should the need arise to leave the sanctuary during worship. Safety concerns and insurance regulations require that children not be unattended on church property.

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