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Announcements 8-10-17

posted Jul 26, 2012, 9:13 AM by Germaine Galjour   [ updated Aug 17, 2017, 6:34 AM ]

           Welcome to the house of the Lord! In 1964, the noted chemist Abraham Cressy Morrison wrote the book, Seven Reasons Why A Scientist Believes in God. He said, “Consider the rotation of the earth. Our globe spins on its axis at the rate of one thousand miles an hour. If it were just a hundred miles an hour, our days and nights would be ten times as long. The vegetation would freeze in the long night or it would burn in the long day; and there could be no life.”           


            “Consider the heat of the sun. Twelve thousand degrees at surface temperature, and we're just far enough away to be blessed by that terrific heat. If the sun gave off half its radiation, we would freeze to death. If it gave off one half more, we would all be crispy critters.”         

            “Consider the slant of the earth . . . [23 degrees] . . . If it were different than that, the vapors from the oceans would ice over the continents. There could be no life.”           

            “Consider the moon. If the moon were fifty thousand miles away rather than its present distance, twice each day giant tides would inundate every bit of land mass on this earth.”          

            “Think of the crust of the earth. Just a little bit thicker and there could be no life because there would be no oxygen. Or the thinness of the atmosphere. If our atmosphere was just a little thinner, the millions of meteors now burning themselves out in space would plummet this earth into oblivion. These are reasons,” he wrote, “why I believe in God.”

   If you are visiting with us today, please fill out a visitor card and place it in the offering plate.

            Please join us after worship for a time of fellowship in the courtyard in front of the bell tower. Take a moment and enjoy your church family!

            Bill is out of the pulpit for a family reunion in Pennsylvania. Dr. Richard Boyce, the Dean of the seminary in Charlotte, will lead us in worship today. Richard has been with us before and has served First Presbyterian in Bedford, VA, so he is no stranger to the mountains.

            Plans are in the works for a new pictorial directory. We will be taking pictures in the fellowship hall on September 19th and 20th from 2 – 8 PM. Circle your calendars now . . . with more information to follow. Please see Gay Sprague or Betty Conley if you have any questions.

            Remember The River ministry in Johnson City by dropping your travel-sized shampoo and soap in the collection basket outside the office.

            Make sure you have a 2-Cents-A-Meal jar! Every time you sit down to eat, drop two cents into the jar and make a difference. Our youth are sponsoring this program to show how the Lord can turn just a little into big blessings.           

            Bible study opportunity! The Bible Study Fellowship (an interdenominational world-wide organization dedicated to Bible study) will begin an in-depth study of the Book of Romans for women of all ages in the Tri-County area on September 14, 2017. This study will be offered at two locations in Spruce Pine on Thursdays: 10am-noon at First Baptist Church and 5:30-7:30pm at Grassy Creek Baptist Church. The local Men’s BSF class will meet in Burnsville, starting September 12, on Tuesday evenings 6-8:00pm at Higgins Memorial Methodist Church. Call Angie Duncan at (828) 765-4689 or (828) 467-1091 if you are interested in registering for the Day Class or Ann Rhine at (828) 765-3411 for the Evening Class. Call Mike Lawrence at (828) 254-6303 if you are interested in the men’s class.

            Mark your calendars! The youth are hosting a congregational dinner on September 6 at 5pm. Get ready for food, fun, and fellowship. More information to follow.


                                                     Eric Nutter is the head usher for August

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          There is no attendant present to care for children during worship and other events. The nursery will be available for use by parents should a child become restless during worship. We have “busy bags” hanging in the narthex for children to take into the sanctuary. We encourage families with young children to begin using these bags.

           We ask that a parent accompany his/her child should the need arise to leave the sanctuary during worship. Safety concerns and insurance regulations require that children not be unattended on church property.


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