Welcome to the house of the Lord! One of the ironic dilemmas of faith is how we approach grace: We claim to depend on God’s forgiveness, yet our past sins still cause turmoil in us. We want to forgive others, yet the hurts they inflict can gnaw at us throughout our lives. How, then, can we live in God’s forgiveness with memories that won’t allow to experience God’s grace? Forgiveness is like a room in which we have closed the curtains. The sun is shining outside, and the air is fresh. Yet, in order to breathe that fresh air, we have to get up, open the window, and draw the curtains apart. In the same way, God’s grace is available to us and it is free . . . but we must want it. Open the windows of your life and let His grace flood in. We are glad you are here today and invite you to become a part of this household of faith. Please see the minister or one of the elders if you have any questions about our congregation.