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posted Jul 26, 2012, 9:13 AM by Hannah Andrews   [ updated Sep 20, 2018, 7:36 AM ]

          Welcome to the house of the Lord! We don’t often think of it, but life is a series of goodbyes. We raise our children to leave home, the living of life gives us new occupations and friends, and our lives change each day as we grow older. One of the most touching stories in Scripture is found in Genesis 31, when Jacob leaves Laban to return home. Laban has to say good-bye to his daughters and grandchildren and all he can say is: “May the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other.” In our Lord, we never say “good-bye” because He is always with us. We are glad you are here today and invite you to become a part of this household of faith. Please see the minister or one of the elders if you have any questions about our congregation.

         If you are visiting with us today, please fill out a visitor card and place it in the offering plate.

         Please join us after worship for our pastor’s retirement reception in the fellowship hall. Reverend Sweetser has served First Presbyterian faithfully for thirteen years and after thirty-three years in the ministry he has decided to retire. Bill and Sheila to share much we appreciate their many years of service.

           The senior youth will meet today at 4pm.

          After today Bill’s e-mail will be: bill@sweetsernet.com and Sheila’s e-mail will be: 3sweets@charter.net.

          An opportunity to help! The Lamplighters are a tutoring group dedicated to helping at risk first and second grade students improve their reading skills. They meet at the Methodist Church Tuesday-Thursday each week during the school year for two hours. They need tutors, snack providers, and more. Consider how you can make a difference in a child’s life. For more information see the flyer outside the church office or call Ginny Downs at (601) 337-2661. 

            Practice for the Christmas cantata has started! Cantata practice is on Wednesdays during the first part of choir practice from 6:45-7 p.m. If anyone would like to join in singing the cantata, please contact Laura Cole so we will have enough books and CDs.

            Remember The River ministry in Johnson City by dropping your travel-sized shampoo and soap in the collection basket outside the office.

            Make sure you have a 2-Cents-A-Meal jar! Every time you sit down to eat, drop two cents into the jar and make a difference. Our youth are sponsoring this program to show how the Lord can turn just a little into big blessings.

            The Mayland Presbyterian Fellowship will meet on Sunday, October 14, at Buladean Presbyterian Church (12190 North 226 Highway in Buladean) at 5:30pm. The evening will begin with a meal and the program will be about the history of Buladean Presbyterian Church. Since the church was started as a home mission chapel, the church’s history reflects the history of Mitchell County. Call Wanda Woodby at (828) 682-7900 for more information.


Gay Sprague is the head usher for September

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            There is no attendant present to care for children during worship and other events. The nursery will be available for use by parents should a child become restless during worship. We have “busy bags” hanging in the narthex for children to take into the sanctuary. We encourage families with young children to begin using these bags.

            We ask that a parent accompany his/her child should the need arise to leave the sanctuary during worship. Safety concerns and insurance regulations require that children not be unattended on church property.

            We invite you to recycle the bulletins by placing them in the

                                                “Recycle Basket” in the narthex as you leave worship